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WyldLife is the name we use for Young Life for  Middle Schoolers. We typically meet every other Friday Night, but for the most current info visit our Kirkland-Rose Hill WyldLife Facebook page or follow us on Instagram @Kirkland_WyldLife! We always have pizza :)
This time is built specifically for 6th-8th graders and for that reason we ask that elementary school students wait until middle school. We will have High School students help with certain things in which case we are intentional with who we invite to take part. We as leaders take seriously the role we play in the lives of students as role-models and caring / positive adults.
Who:Rose Hill & Kirkland Middle School students (including ICS, North Star and Stella students who live in the Lake Washington Community) 

When: Two Friday's a month from 7-8:30pm

Provide Pizza for WyldLife Club!
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Contact David Fure for WyldLife info
2018 Summer CAMP
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